What makes a good nomination?

We’re looking for individuals who are passionate, determined, and kind, and making a positive impact is part of the very fiber of their being. To be honest, there are no set rules. Convince us that this person is a strong candidate - and we’ll listen.

While a large social media following is a gauge some use, we’re looking for those who are actively engaged, both IRL and online, with their communities and/or constituents.

What if my nominee only has a small social media following?

Don’t automatically count someone out because they may have a smaller social media following than others. Numbers are often industry-specific and can fluctuate accordingly. We’re concerned about the character of the nominee and the impact they’re making.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, doesn’t have a handle, but we’d dare to say her actions impact millions of people.

When will I know if my nominee was selected as a winner?

You will be notified via email if your nominee was selected as a winner. Due to the volume of nominations we receive, you'll only receive an email if your nominee is a winner.

Will the winners be featured on social media?

Yes! Winners will be featured on the Rural Gone Urban and Rural Revival social media pages. Make sure you are following their socials so you can be tagged and promoted in their posts.