Amie Sikes & Jolie Sikes

Junk Gypsies
Round Top, Texas

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Full of big dreams and unstoppable drive, sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes launched Junk Gypsy with $2,000 and an old pickup truck. After earning college degrees and attempting to find peace in corporate city jobs, both arrived at a point where they could no longer resist the restless pull to return to their rural Texas roots. Thus began their life as creatives and entrepreneurs, which both will tell you they were truly meant to be.

“We agreed we’d never seen a city looking so beautiful as it did in our rearview mirrors. We never could get used to the sight of skyscrapers on the horizon instead of towering pines. We missed the stars. Our cowgirl boots longed for the earth. Some indefinable something else was calling to our gypsy souls.”

Since then, the Junk Gypsies and their signature style — equal parts retro, romantic and classic country, with a healthy dose of sass and rhinestones — have become a Texas phenomenon, with famous fans including Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Their unique brand and lifestyle eventually secured their own TV show, a self-titled book, and collaborations with Pottery Barn Teen and Lane Boots, to name a few.

“There were no stodgy business plans for this ride . . . just grassroots dreams and a whole lotta faith! We set out to find a great business, but instead found a great life.”

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With all their trips to Warrenton and Texas Antiques Week, it’s no surprise they fell in love with nearby Round Top. After more than a decade on the road selling their one-of-a-kind junk creations, the sisters, their parents, and their families have settled down in the tiny town of 90, where they opened an 8,000-square-foot flagship store and world headquarters in 2013. Next came the Wander Inn, an eight-bedroom getaway next to their store, and Amie’s 1900s farmhouse they found by the road and had moved onto her property. Of course all are complete with neon lighting, vintage signage, and Americana flair.

“It was already like a home away from home, but we really love it here. The land and the countryside and the hillside.” - Jolie Sikes

The new store, along with family life in a small town, has a theme that’s apparent through….FUN. A perfect example is the Junk-o-Rama Prom they host every year during Texas Antiques Week — where over-the-top prom dresses are always in, too much is just right, and you can never have enough bling. Open to everyone, it’s a glam party that has now reached legendary status.

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Why America loves the Junk Gypsy brand and lifestyle so much

A megaphone for life and adventure in rural America, Amie and Jolie have literally designed a life around small-town living.

Being a Junk Gypsy is living a life of traveling the backroads in search of junk along roadsides and in antique stores and flea markets - and then finding a way to give it new life. But no matter where the road takes them, they always come home to their rural Texas roots.

"We have our business, we have our family, and we're living in the country. Those are the things that are most important to us.” - Jolie Sikes

“Grit. It’s part of who we are. Who we were meant to be. How we were raised.”