Anna Aja

Auctioneer and Rancher
Stanfield, Ariz.

Anna Aja is a third generation auctioneer and a fourth generation rancher who calls the 48th state home. She inhibits a strong passion for helping non-profits reach their maximum earning potential, which she does with a career built on a lifetime of exposure to the auction industry coupled with a decade of experience in communications and event planning within the cattle industry.

While Aja’s résumé is stacked - University of Arizona agricultural economics alumna, Champion International Livestock Auctioneer, Paul Ramirez, mentorship, Mendenhall School of Auctioneering alumna, and Professional Ringmen’s Institute alumna - it’s how she conducts business that is most impressive. 


“I volunteer with all my clients. I want to know the heart of their organization, their mission, and their goals,” Aja shared. “As a conduit between my clients, their organizations, and generous donors, I’m honored to help those to come together to raise money for important things like saving lives, finding cures, and helping people who need it.”

She and her husband, Bass, who is also a fourth generation rancher, operate under the 9F brand, a gift from Bass’ grandmother that had belonged to her father. It stands for the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit as defined in the Bible, Galatians 5:22-23.

With, Anna takes her honest and heartfelt approach to assist each client in reaching and exceeding their goals.

Anna and her husband Bass reside in Stanfield, Ariz. - population 1,900 - with their three rambunctious children who range in age from toddler to first grade.

Why do we love Anna?

She’s equal parts business and I’d like to hike a mountain with this woman. She’s run your event from conception to tear down and let’s get to really know each other over coffee. She’s ensuring clients non-for-profits are funded, and she’s kissing scrapes and dusting bottoms of her three little ranch hands. She’s who you aspire to be, and who you want in your tribe.