Brianna Hall Bigbee

The Bleacher Babe
Muscle Shoals, Alabama

As a child of a southern rodeo family, Brianna Hall Bigbee held equal admiration for her home state of Alabama as she did of the the ladies and fashion of the West. When she found herself dating a professional rodeo athlete, she became accustomed to weekends in the bleachers with other “bleacher babes”—discussing fashion, makeup, and hair tips between events. Long days in the bleachers sparked the idea for a western fashion blog to serve as a catalyst for a rich community of rodeo wives - and girlfriends, and moms!

Once I figured out different hair and makeup tricks that got the job done, I couldn’t wait to dish on the new products I found with other women who shared the same struggles. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! I thought to myself, if only I could connect with more girls like myself.
— Brianna Hall Bigbee
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Through Instagram, Brianna discovered a few interesting blogs, but noticed a lack of accounts catering to her lifestyle. She took this as an opportunity to create a blog, as it could become the perfect avenue to share western fashion industry and rodeo world resources she would come across while on the road. And with that, the Bleacher Babe was born.

Brianna’s creative outlet quickly evolved into a home-based business, where her love for fashion and quest for affordable pieces turned into an overnight hit. The Bleacher Babe brand launched Brianna as a rodeo fashionista and western lifestyle influencer in large part to her ability to seize an opportunity to cultivate rich relationships and establish opportunities for collaboration. In addition to the blog, Brianna launched a buy-and-sell Facebook group - The Bleacher Babe’s Closet - where women could make money and save money selling their gently used clothing. The idea spread like wildfire and led to Shop Bleacher Babe, an online western fashion marketplace where western-inspired boutiques can sell online, similar to Etsy and Ebay.

As her platform continued to grow, she created the Bleacher Babe Squad, which is made up of women representing a wide variety of ages, sizes, locations, and backgrounds—all of whom find sisterhood in their passion for the west and sense of style and share about it on social media.

The sky is the limit as Brianna has worked alongside networks like RFDTV to produce events like the annual “The Bleacher Babe” Fashion Shows at RFDTV’s The American Rodeo, to cover Round Top Antiques Week with the Junk Gypsy Company, as well as to cover the red carpet at The Kentucky Derby. Her portfolio is busting at the seams with national brand segments, and collaborations with national publications Western Horseman, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, and Barrel Horse News.

Brianna has since married that rodeo cowboy, Cole Bigbee, and is now a new mom to their son, Payson.

Why do we love Brianna?

Never afraid to try something new, Brianna lives life to the fullest and is not one to shy away from the fear of risk or failure. She loves to use her platform to make people feel good inside and out. She believes every girl should feel confident and comfortable in her own clothes, and The Bleacher Babe exists to do just that.

Society tends to make us feel that we should look a certain way. Be your own kind of beautiful.  That’s what is sexy!
— Brianna Hall Bigbee

Part of the vision behind The Bleacher Babe is to provide jobs and be a positive light in the western community. Brianna is also a big advocate for giving back to the community and military through charity events and live auctions during fashion shows.

Style advice?

Wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you. It can be overwhelming; don’t overthink it and take the fun out of the real experience stressing over outfits. Be yourself! If you’re not comfortable in it, don’t wear it! Stick to what you love and feel your best in. Spice it up with fun accessories!

“No grit, no pearl” is Brianna’s motto, and you can find her on these social media handles: