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Dr. Cody Creelman, known to many as the “Cow Vet,” is the practice owner of Veterinary Agri-Health Services located in Alberta, Canada. Additionally, he's a partner at Mosaic Veterinary Partners Group, where he owns four other practices. The Mosaic Veterinary Partners is a group of veterinarians, with diverse backgrounds in veterinary medicine and practice ownership, who strive to elevate rural mixed animal practices through investment, management, and practice support.

Cody’s veterinary focus is, you guessed it, cattle.  

Not only does Cody use his vet experience, entrepreneurial endeavors, and business savvy to directly impact rural communities and to provide services to local cattle ranchers in Alberta, he also uses social media, his podcast, and vlog to share daily veterinary stories in an educational - and extremely entertaining - way.

While marketing his veterinary practice served as the foundation for his digital communications, Cody found a niche in agriculture advocacy by identifying the ideal formula for tackle heavy-hitting animal science topics like bovine pathology, large animal surgery, cow/calf and feedlot production medicine: he’s relatable.

Simply, Cody uses his witty sense of humor as the catalyst for showcasing the daily life of a veterinarian and the situations - and respective decisions - that agriculturalists tackle daily to provide the best care for their livestock.

What makes Cody unique?

Turning chaotic and nerve-wracking situations into relatable, lighthearted learning moments is a talent few possess, yet Cody does so while creating content that often reaches viral levels. And, transparency is key. He admits when he is sees something for the first time, is in over his head, or even when he needs to consult vet school notes, or the internet, to strategize next steps.

Regardless if viewers are from rural or urban backgrounds, they’re able to be part of Cody’s day, understand his explanations, and learn something they probably never considered they’d want to know.

How is Cody impacting the agricultural industry and rural communities?

While we could focus on the many facets of Cody’s impact on rural communities, a simple look at his ability to connect beyond his target customer audience and reach an audience hungry for science-based, educational agricultural entertainment, provides an inspirational look into how Cody is directly impacting the agricultural industry.

Then, layer on the vision of investing in rural communities to provide high-quality medicine and you’ll find from sun up to sun down (and, let’s be honest, even after hours), Cody is driven to create an impact.

Cody gives an unprecedented look at his daily life as the Cow Vet, which not only allows his followers to ride along as he visits with clients, but gives the public a better understanding of the challenges he faces.

Every single day is different. Read as: every day brings something Cody hasn’t experienced before. This is also true for the exposure Cody is giving to cattle farmers and ranchers. Rarely, if ever, is the general public able to see farmers as the caring and dedicated people they are. Cody, through his virtual connection to his viewers, shows how far cattle farmers are willing to go in order to do what is in the best interest of their herd. For example, in one vlog, Cody is shown doing a self-taught surgery on a calf with a bilateral nasal cleft. While the farmer requested anonymity in order to keep their purebred operation judgement-free for the defect, he later said (after the video went viral) he wished they had been more transparent because the feedback and support were remarkable. In fact, most comments noted how impressed the viewers were with the dedication the farmer had to save the young calf.

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