Gretchen Reiter


Born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma, Gretchen Reiter is no stranger to ranch life. She is also no stranger to Washington, D.C. politics. As a seasoned-expert when it comes to political and policy communications and more than a decade of experience under her belt, Gretchen launched Highline Strategies in 2014. Highline Strategies focuses on strategic communications, campaign planning and advocacy, crisis communication management, and media training.

Her résumé is stacked with past positions like Executive Director of Public Notice, an independent non-profit focusing on how governments policy affects American’s well-being financially; Partner at Endeavor Global Strategies; and let’s not forget her two and a half years spent with the George W. Bush Administration as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public and Media Affairs.


Have we mentioned she juggles life as a wife, mom, and rancher while traveling from rural Texas to D.C. nearly weekly? Gretchen does it all and does it all well. A quick browse of her Instagram or Twitter accounts will show a balanced representation of cattle, articles on the newest tariffs and how they affect farmers and her ‘girl gang,’ which is comprised of her three adorable little girls.


What makes Gretchen ... Gretchen?

Gretchen has an obvious passion for using her talents in the policy realm to represent her rural constituents through her consulting business. Her dedication to representing the ideologies of her clients is instrumental in accurately and effectively taking those concerns of her fellow ranchers straight to Washington. The art of balancing her schedule is admirable and noteworthy.

Bottom line: Gretchen is focused on giving agriculture and farmers a platform in today’s political world.

How is Gretchen impacting rural America?

Gretchen is making herself present in an arena where farmers need the most support and representation - government. By using her agricultural roots and political experience, she uses her consulting firm to assist decision makers and policy influencers with messaging and deliver their agendas to Washington. Gretchen follows policy closely and shares her findings - with commentary - with her base, which not only keeps them up-to-date, but also informs them on how policy will impact them and their farming business.


Danna LarsonAugust 2018