Hannah Miller

Goin’ Coastal Outfitters + Rockport Cultural Arts District
Rockport, Texas

Hannah Miller, a Texas coastal native and, a practicing digital strategist, worked for two high-profile digital and traditional advertising agencies after earning her Aggie ring during her Masters program. Those positions, however, ensured she spent the majority of her days on the road as they were based in Wisconsin and Ohio, respectively, which a client base stretched across the continental United States. 

A constant since first leaving her hometown of Rockport, Texas, when she headed north for undergrad in Stephenville, Texas, has been the dream of returning and not only riding for someone else’s brand, but her own. That dream, however, seemed impossible. Digital strategy positions with clientele in the food and agricultural industries were not plentiful on the Texas coast. With that knowledge, Miller pursued her Masters in College Station and chased it with a move to Austin to work for a Wisconsin-based agency at their remote office. 

The tides turned when Miller negotiated her already-remote position continue to be remote, however, based in Rockport. The agency agreed. Her travel, though, did not slow down. While she lived at home, she was never there. Miller was headhunted for a new position, remote at that, that promised less travel, more responsibilities, and clients that better fit her agricultural experience. The culture, the work, the everything - except the commute - was perfect. 

Then, on August 17, 2017, Hurricane Harvey happened.

Miller, who was living with her parents as she settled back into her hometown, lost everything as the eye of Hurricane Harvey hit land directly over Rockport.

Maybe it was the chaos. Maybe it was the feeling of vulnerability? Or maybe it was Miller’s calling to continue to dig roots into her hometown.

In the midst of hurricane recovery, Hannah - and her family - launched Goin’ Coastal Outfitters’ first T-shirt, Rockport Strong. Goin’ Coastal, a family-owned, women lead small business is now, a mere two years later, a thriving business with a brick and mortar space and with a 2 year plan to employee more than one FT employee. The first of which, happens to be a co-owner and sister, Abigail. 


It was as if the hurricane strengthened Hannah’s call to return to Rockport in a more permanent - less travel the country - way.

Like a siren, Rockport kept calling until this February Hannah answered.

Today, Hannah is the Executive Director of the Rockport Cultural Arts District, which was created to strengthen and preserve Rockport’s unique reputation as a significant artistic community and be a resource for residents and visitors.

So she’s doing the thing. She’s an advocate for a small business, her travel is now dedicated to personal travel, and she’s a co-owner of a budding small town business.