Lyndsey Sullivan

The Field House
Vian, Okla.


Traditional, yet trendy: it’s the common denominator when it comes to Vian, Okla., The Field House, and Lyndsey Sullivan.

Lyndsey, a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, is not a Vian native; however, in her tenure she’s quickly joined the ranks of the community to elevate Vian’s spirit, curb appeal, and camaraderie. Her journey to the eastern Oklahoma town of 1,466 was not direct. While pursuing a degree in journalism at Oklahoma City University, she began making trips east on I-40 with her college best friend - now sister in law - and noticed similarities from her hometown of Knoxville, Iowa. Namely, the people.

After chasing her on-air dreams as a reporter in the Windy City, Lyndsey returned to Oklahoma, where she married Casey and completed her Masters in Exercise Science at OCU, joined Connors State University as PR Director, side hustled as a freelance broadcaster, and taught broadcasting at Northeastern State University.

Small Town Revitalization

Lyndsey, a dreamer, doer, and connector, had her eyes set on making a bigger, yet local, impact.

Once a bustling trade center during the early 1900s, today Vian’s downtown is relatively quiet. However, with a close proximity to an interstate vein, a bustling lake scene, and a proud community,  the town is on the verge of an awakening.

New boutiques line the downtown area, a new doctor’s office stands proudly on the corner of Main and Blackstone, and as of this year, a new fitness center stands in a polished, historic building. 

Let’s Go

Forty six million Americans - 15 percent of the U.S. population - currently live in rural areas. The CDC reports rural citizens report less leisure-time physical activity and have higher rates of high blood pressure and obesity.

Not on Lynsey’s watch.

The Field House is a gym where traditional meets trendy when it comes to breaking a sweat. In a renovated downtown building, FH brings convenience and an upscale vibe without breaking the bank. The 3,000+ square foot facility is filled with high-end cardio, circuit and unconventional equipment in addition to classes for all skill levels and taste buds.  

While ground level real-estate is committed to everything exercise, the loft brings services from massage therapy to nail care.

Why Should You Follow Lyndsey?

Reviving community staples shows we’re not only investing in the future of communities, but that we’re also honoring our history. The Field House building is a unique example of how we can honor our roots while giving them wings.

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