Marji Guyler-Alaniz



While watching the big game in 2013, Marji Guyler-Alaniz, an Iowa native, was struck by the Dodge “God Made a Farmer” spot. However, it wasn’t until a few weeks later she realized only three of the striking images featured women.

That’s where the FarmHer story began.

Marji, who was then working in crop insurance, was armed with a bachelor's in graphic design and an MBA … and a passion for shining the spotlight on women in agriculture. Marji launched FarmHer, making it her mission to bring attention to the many women who are impacting agriculture every single day.

She uses FarmHer as an online showcase of pictures, videos, and stories of women working in all facets of the agricultural industry. To say her following is large is an understatement. With vast social media communities, it’s apparent her vision has caught on. So much so, she partnered with RFD-TV to air “FarmHer on RFD-TV.”

Marji, a wife and mom of two, is using her love of photography in a whole new way, to bring attention to the 30 percent of today’s farmers – women.

What can we learn from Marji?

Not only has Marji allowed us to learn about the many courageous women in agriculture, she has also taught us to follow our passions.

What started as a photography project has evolved into conferences, a tv series, podcast, SiriusXM radio show, and merchandise sales, which are all supported by a strong community of passionate, driven, inspiring women (and men).

We can absolutely learn passion is nothing without follow through. It’s one thing to identify areas of weakness in a system, but a completely different story to take action.

Marji took action, and in doing so she’s showcasing women across the country who are crushing stereotypes every single day in agriculture. Wives, mothers, and sisters are shown taking care of their families as well as their livestock and crops, all while using high-tech equipment and managing complex farming operations.  

How is Marji impacting rural America?

When most people think about agriculture, it’s highly likely they think about men of all ages dominating the field. Marji is ensuring the narrative is changing.

Through the stories, photos, and videos, Marji is reinforcing that women play an active role in agriculture.

She’s giving a platform for women to connect and build community.

She’s providing a path for future generations to be resilient, inspiring, and passion-oriented.

Danna LarsonAugust 2018