Natalie Kovarik & JaTanna Williams


Growing up in the agriculture industry, long-time childhood friends Natalie Kovarik and JaTanna Williams were raised to understand the benefits of ranch-direct vs. store-bought beef. As rural Montana natives who married ranchers and began families of their own, it was only a matter of time before they realized the ability to purchase quality, trusted, family-raised beef is a privilege often afforded to ranching families alone.

Naturally, they were determined to change the game, and Ranch Wives Beef Company was born. Read as: two best friends are living the reality of their childhood dreams: they (together with their husbands) are working with their best friend and making a difference in the world.

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Their mission is simple: deliver quality beef direct from their ranches to your family. Friends, this means high quality Angus meat shipped right from the ranch to your front door.

As sixth-generation stewards of their land and livestock, the Ranch Wives Beef Company families take great pride in the way of their operations. Their cattle are raised in the luscious, rolling hills of Nebraska and the vast mountainous valleys of Montana and are cared for by the Ranch Wives team. From conception to harvest, their livestock spends a majority of their lives grazing lush green grass before finishing with nutritious grains to maximize marbling and taste.

What traits earn Natalie and JaTanna a seat on the Ruralist?

Natalie and JaTanna value integrity, which is intertwined in their company through the way they treat every member of their team to the finest quality cuts of Angus beef.

Not unlike most ranching families, the families behind Ranch Wives Beef Company exude love and respect for the livestock and land that has been passed down for generations. Their cattle receive high-quality care in order to provide a high-quality product.

How are they impacting their rural communities?

While most showcase the highlight reel, Natalie and JaTanna use Instagram to give their community a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the daily ups and downs at their ranches. Honestly, who doesn’t love seeing cows grazing with mountains as their backdrop? From chores to moving cattle, and from fixing fence to delivering meat to the locker, they’re creating an awareness around every bit of hard work and care that goes into bringing homegrown, quality beef to dinner tables across America.

Danna LarsonAugust 2018