Ryan McPherson

Glidden Point Oyster Farms
Edgecomb, Maine

Photo: Derek Davis, Portland Press Herald

Photo: Derek Davis, Portland Press Herald

One of the most important aspects of rural America is while the people are largely comprised of similar traits — hard working, passionate, dedicated — the geography and agricultural and food opportunities are differ vastly across the country. For example, Glidden Point Oysters, located in picturesque Maine, is founded on the mission of providing, you guessed it, excellent oysters.

“Our farm was established in 1987 by the work of a dedicated marine biologist who believed the only way to grow an oyster was to grow a great one. It took many years of trial and error, but by obtaining some of the most ideal growing areas on the Damariscotta River it appears she discovered the simple formula: place + practice = a premium oyster.”

For thirty years Glidden Point Oysters have made their way to wholesalers, chefs, and individuals; locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally -- earning a reputation for producing some of the finest oysters on the market.

While all businesses aspire to grow exponentially, it’s apparent Glidden Point’s mission is largely to credit for this business’ success: It is our mission to provide you with the best experience, from placing your order to enjoying our product.

Glidden Point Oysters.png
Glidden Point Oysters.png

What’s special about Glidden Point Oysters?

From the behind-the-scenes glimpses through Instagram to farm tours (land and water) the Glidden Point team showcases a lifestyle that although many enjoy, not many are familiar.

The world of oyster farming and fishing is one that “you have to want to be in,” owner Ryan McPherson said. He has been drawn to that world since his early days, when his father would take him fishing, and he kept trying to find a way back to water. He gravitated to oyster farming because it was a unique product he could brand, unlike the lobster industry, which is dependent on volume.

McPherson, originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, wasn’t new to aquaculture. He had fished out of Nantucket and other ports, raised mussels on Martha's Vineyard, and worked at oyster farms in Massachusetts. When he learned that founder Barb Scully was interested in slowing down, he seized the opportunity to make Glidden Point Oysters his own.

“The opportunity to do something up here was pretty special,” McPherson said.

McPherson has added a retail shop to the company’s offerings, and plans for a patio and dining space are in the works.