Scott Stebner


Scott Stebner is a husband, father, teacher, and creative agricultural communicator with a passion for creating environmental portraits and videos that empower the agricultural community. Simply, Scott creates photos and videos of people with grit.


Although you might not know it today, Scott grew up a surf bum in Southern California (his words). His family had four acres where they raised sheep and became active 4-H members. Their county fair averaged over two million people in attendance every year, and with so many people walking through the lamb, cattle, and pig barns, Scott learned from a very young age that you have to be proactive in educating the public and always be ready to answer their questions, no matter how crazy they may seem. Because of his upbringing, Scott was drawn to predominantly urban areas teaching kids who had zero connection to agriculture, and he subsequently built successful FFA programs where these kids could participate.

This upbringing was the perfect setup for Scott’s life as an agricultural photographer and communicator. Scott received his bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, then went on to Kansas State University for his master’s degree in agricultural communications. Having grown up around livestock and spending seven years as an agricultural educator, Scott is drawn to visually documenting the life, culture, and events of American agriculture at the local level. His work can be found everywhere from national magazine advertisements to promotional materials for family farmers and ranchers.

How is Scott unique?

Scott has built a reputation for helping farmers and ranchers succeed, using his gift and passion to both help them and shine a positive light on agriculture. Authenticity is a top quality with Scott, as he seeks to show that same authenticity in the subjects he’s photographing.

How is Scott impacting rural America?

As a nationally-known photographer, Scott is changing the way the world sees agriculture. Based out of Kansas, he is using his passion for photography to educate people about his other passion: agriculture. He travels throughout the country on assignment and loves communicating the heart and soul behind agriculture through an image. These images are telling stories that empower the ag community and help them better tell their story to the urban consumer.

To see the grit of a farmer’s life captured in Scott’s photographs is truly an experience, and something that evokes a different kind of emotion, showing both the pride and humility these farmers and ranchers have in their work.

There’s something about a life tied to the land, about working with your hands, that it shapes you. And not just internally, but visually as well.
— Scott Stebner

Scott is also a philanthropist, finding creative ways to raise funds for people to advocate for the ag industry. One notable project is the Kansas Farmer photo book, where Scott partnered with the Kansas Farm Bureau to feature photos and stories showcasing the spirit, hard work, and dedication of Kansas farmers and ranchers. All proceeds from the book are contributing to future ag leaders through a scholarship for undergraduate students studying agricultural communications at Kansas State University.

In another project, he used photography to help a non-profit raise enough money to install water distribution points in Ethiopia so families had clean water and young girls could go back to school. The project also funded a bore hole well to help local farmers better manage drought conditions. 

Always exploring new creative ideas, Scott also created a unique photo shoot featuring portraits of PBR bull riders right after they had just been bucked off or had just had a successful ride, and you can see more on his website.

Danna LarsonAugust 2018