Stephen & Jessica Rose


IG: The Peach Truck

IG: The Peach Truck

Stephen Rose spent his childhood in Fort Valley, GA. It was there he became accustomed to the lush peaches his neighbors, the Pearson Farm, produced. Once Stephen moved to Nashville, Tenn., he realized just how one-of-a-kind those Pearson Farm peaches really were. It then became his goal to share the sweet Pearson peaches with as many others as possible.

With the support of his wife, Jessica, Stephen teamed up with the patriarch of Pearson Farm, Al Pearson, and his son and business partner, Lawton, to bring the Pearson Farm peaches to the Music City.

Read as: the birth of The Peach Truck.

Named for the 1964 Jeep Stephen and Jessica use to sell the peaches, the Peach Truck has sold more than 4.5 million pounds of peaches and now ships worldwide, offering more than 40 varieties. Stephen and Jessica have an extremely active role behind the social media handles and have curated an active following of peach lovers and Nashville enthusiasts.

What makes The Peach Truck unique?

Stephen Rose knows what sets their peaches apart – five generations of farming the same Pearson land, and a lot of hard work. He combines the tradition and quality of Pearson Farms with modern aesthetics and marketing to create an incredible following.

Their hands-on business approach allows customers to feel connected with the Rose duo, which is an important component for today’s consumers. It’s a team effort and the content is flowing. Jessica posts recipes and videos and the team triages customer questions.

No question is off limits for The Peach Truck customers. From how to get the peaches they purchased softer to the upcoming truck locations, attention to detail is what makes this business so popular – that and the delicious peaches, of course.

How does this influence rural America?

Whether you’re a cattle rancher or a peach farmer, it ain’t easy.  So many variables affect the outcome of each year’s harvest and that couldn’t be more true for the Pearson Farm.  

Al Pearson openly admits growing peaches can be quite stressful. One bad season with mother nature and that year’s crop is eliminated. Stephen continues to strengthen the bridge from farmer to consumer, which allows customers to have a greater appreciation for the hard work that is poured into every single box of peaches.  

With quality and pride that you can taste, it’s no wonder why Rose has been able to sell millions of peaches.

Danna LarsonDecember 2018