The Ruralist Class III: Winter 2019

It’s the official last day of winter (amen!) and we’re celebrating with a new class of Ruralists. Like those who have come before, we’re showcasing top-shelf representatives of rural living. From coast-to-coast, we’ve hit the gravel, the internet, and our Rolodexes to find those a bit off the beaten path who you should know.

These dreamers and doers who are evoking positive change in their rural communities. From launching non-profits to establishing mobile businesses to outmaneuver the limitations of small-town brick and mortar buildings, this class encompasses all that is wonderful about rural America.

Our goal by highlighting these honorable rural citizens is that their goods might inspire other good deeds therefore elevating the goodness to every crevice and corner of rural America.



Sponsors and Rural enthusiasts:

Thank for championing ruralists and their positive impact on their rural communities.


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